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Overcoming Depression


by Paul A. Hauck, Ph.D.

How to relieve depression and cope with feelings of rejection, guilt, and self-blame.

6 oz. (B015)
Price: $19.95

Overcoming Jealousy and Possessiveness


by Paul A. Hauck, Ph.D.

“Overcoming Jealousy and Possessiveness” applies a Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) approach to dealing with jealousy (a learned emotion) and possessiveness. Hauck identifies the six strong characteristics of jealous and possessive people (inferiority complex, the master-slave mentality, self-defeating behavior, difficulty in accepting responsibility, selfishness and immaturity, and fearfulness), and how an individual can take matters into their own hands to correct their jealousy by addressing and disputing their irrational beliefs. Some examples of irrational thoughts of jealous individuals addressed are “I’m no good unless someone loves me,” “You belong to me, so do as I command,” “I must have what I want,” and “I’ll never fall in love again.”

5oz (B004)
Price: $19.95

Passport Program: A Journey through Emotional, Social, Cognitive and Self-Development


by Ann Vernon, Ph.D.

Prevention curriculum for educators to help students solve their problems and develop self-acceptance.

34 oz. (B186-B188)
Price: $35.95

Practice of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (2nd ed.)


Edited by Albert Ellis, Ph.D. & Windy Dryden, Ph.D.
Foreword by Ray DiGiuseppe Ph.D.

This fundamental guide provides case examples of the techniques for applying REBT in individual, group, and family therapy settings.

18 oz. (B018)
Price: $20.00

Primer on REBT for Practitioners 3rd Edition


by Windy Dryden, Ph.D., Ray DiGiuseppe, Ph.D., and Michael Neenan

“A Primer on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy” is a straightforward guide that illustrates and explains the core components of the practice of REBT. Expert REBT practitioners briefly outline Dr. Ellis’ theory of emotional disturbance and then demonstrate how this theory is utilized in working with clients. Specific components of REBT are outlined in a clear and concise fashion. From identifying and defining a problem to assigning homework assignments, this guide takes the reader through a complete REBT session in a step-by-step format.

6 oz. (B092)
Price: $17.95

Rational Counseling Primer


by Howard S. Young, M.S.W.

Concise, illustrated booklet outlines the ABCs of emotional disturbance and shows you how to dispute your irrational beliefs.

2.5 oz. (B061)
Price: $3.50

Rational Effectiveness Training: Increasing Productivity at Work


by Dom DiMattia, Ed.D.

Motivational guide helps you increase your work satisfaction and productivity.

1 oz. (B034)
Price: $2.50

Rational Stories for Children


by Virginia Waters, Ph.D.

Rational Stories for Children is a great resource for both parents and children interested in applying the principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to emotional problems. The book is compiled of creative short stories written for children to teach them how to build frustration tolerance, deal with fears and anger, and to accept oneself. In addition to the short stories, Rational Stories for Children contains an accompanying parent section that corresponds to each short story.

4 oz. (B044)
Price: $9.95

Rationality and the Pursuit of Happiness: The Legacy of Albert Ellis


by Michael E. Bernard

This book reveals how the principles of rational living identified by Albert Ellis, one of the world’s most influential and popular psychologists, can be used by anyone to achieve lifelong happiness.

Price: $39.95

REBT Pocket Companion for Clients


by Windy Dryden, Ph.D.

“The REBT Pocket Companion for Clients” contains 240 simple and short tips to remind clients of the basic principles of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). Dr. Dryden’s tips revolve around rational and irrational beliefs; goals; and unconditional acceptance of the self, others, and world. The book is designed to be a self-help supplement to assist clients who are engaged in REBT therapy.

7.8 oz. (B226)
Price: $10.95

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